Slack Integration


Permissions Required

If app approval is turned on for your Slack workspace, then to complete the app integration, you will need to be either a Workspace Owner or have been given the permission to manage app requests. 


1. In SturdyAI, navigate to SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS and click Authorize Slack.

2. Sign-in to your corporate Slack Workspace.


3. If approval is required from a Slack App Manager / Administrator then you'll see a Request to install prompt.

  • Submit a message to have your Workspace Manager / Admin approve the request. 
  • Check your Direct Messages for an approval notification from Slackbot.

4. Now that you have approval, repeat Steps 1 and 2

5. Follow the prompts from Slack and click Allow.


Result: Sturdy is now authorized to send messages to Public channels.

Note: If you are using Private #Channels in Slack, add @SturdyAI as a member to each private channel.

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